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Compliment - Eranza de Beer  2017-03-03 - Posted by Roland Cullinan
Hi Steyn Your underwriter Eranza de beer is excellent in her work.. She not only ensures the actual job gets done , but continually gives crucial feedback ,which means I can always be prepared for the clients comments and questions ! Congrats to Her ! Roland Cullinan Brokers

Best insurance ever!

Thank you for making us feel special and not just like another client or number. Outstanding service! 

Service with a Smile :)

It is always a pleasure dealing with Quicksure Staff! From reception through to where you need to be. No hassles and always willing to help. 

Thank you Quicksure! 

Claim Settlement  2017-01-24 - Posted by CharnĂ© Botes
Good Afternoon Wow! I think that’s the fastest any of my claims have been finalised. Many thanks! Best Wishes

Overall good service

I must say I have never had any issues with my claims, the first was for a windscreen and the second was for a hire vehicle while my car was in for a service, very quickly processessed with no real hassles. 

Quicksure Excellent Speedy Service!

I have to compliment Quicksure Insurance and their amazing staff - Charne Botha and Breaan van Winkel - Motorcycle Claims Division - on their excellent and unheard of instant action and payout. I phoned this morning regarding my bike's tyres that need to be replaced on the Tyres for Life policy I have with Quicksure and lo and behold, after sending Breaan an email with quotes, I received notification from Charne Botha  - SAME DAY - that payout will be made.

Thank you so much Breaan van Winkel & Charne Botha - you guys deserve a huge bonus from Quicksure for your excellent service and professionalism, thank you Breaan for assuring me you will be handling my claim for me and I won't be bothered with forms etc., you are a SUPER STAR as you most definitely did not disappoint and kept your word!

I highly recommend Quicksure to anybody that is looking for this type of top class service from their insurers. 

With respect and admiration,

Isabel Porzio